History and Motivations

Undows is the unix (command line) environment that you install easily through a setup on your windows machine.
We made it first for the Lexique's users and then think that it could be interesting by other users.

This environment as been primarily made for people who need to manipulate texts and want to use Awk, Perl, or the Textutils in the most convenient way as possible under Windows.

For example, you could perfectly use these tools for editing other big databases than Lexique like Celex, Vocolex, MRC or others. You can use them for calculating complex frequencies, for syllabating words, for calculating neighborhood, facilitate your stats computations, and tons of other things.

First you could ask why using command line tools while tools like Open Office, Access or Excel exist.
  1. They allow you to make very complex operations in a very easy way (a lot easier than with Visual Basic)
  2. Whenever you make a change to your database, you keep a trace of the operations you made
  3. They permit you to edit very large files fast (Excel is very limited to 64 000 lines)
  4. They are free